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Hey web developers: please take a few minutes this weekend to respond to the Samsung Developers survey. The results will really help us better serve developers across the board. Thank you for your time.

“Ups and Downs of the Web 2018”: some unfiltered thoughts on the state of the web and aspirations for the coming year from our developer advocacy team @ada @RedRoxProjects Damon Hernandez @torgo @diekus and @thisisjofrank ✨

Just in time for the holidays - Samsung Internet 8.2 stable, now rolling out across all Android installs. :SamsungInternet: 🎄🕎✨ 🎁☮️

We're proud to be a sponsor of – a conference for Junior Devs on the importance of self care, morality & ethics, managing money, understanding anxiety and more, coming up in London on 19 January. More info and schedule here:

Thinking about the state of the web, 2018 from technical, societal and ethical perspectives. Achievements, setbacks, seemingly intractavle problems, surprisingly positive developments. What are your most notable web developments, positive and negative?

Some ideas on possible ethical principles for the web, shared first with the fediverse:

There is one web
The web is for the betterment of society
The web must support fundamental human rights
The web must enable freedom of expression
The web is for all people
The web must enhance individual agency
People (end users) come first on the web
Accessibility is non-optional
Security & Privacy are non-optional
The web enables individual developers
The web is inspectable
The web must be sustainable

Great talk from the always awesome Nell Waliczek on the current state of / the immersive web. 👓

📣 We need your help with a super quick survey 📣
We are doing research on the naming of some JS/WebAPI pages and we need your input! Please share for the broadest possible answers. tweeted by @MozDevNet

Hacktoberfest with the Samsung Internet Team at the Microsoft Reactor is tonight! Super stoked to be running this community driven event to celebrate 🎃 😊 ✨ 🔮 👻

I will be spending the day working out of in Shoreditch. If you want to come chat about, web standards, the recently announced intent to merge of and the foundations, or anything else, come find me next to the Astronaut.

We are looking for a recent graduate to join our developer advocacy team based in London (UK). See details here: We actively seek a diverse pool of applicants, including those from historically marginalized groups. Come join us!

Some serious team building going on tonight with Samsung Internet dev rel at The Bletchley.

Team workshop today. Conveniently located in a nondescript building next to MI6 hq...

Our new developer hub has launched 🛰️! Why not ⭐ it and take a look? It contains a 🌌 of blog posts and handy info. (And if your 🔭 spots anything anything out of the ordinary 👾, let us know, we'll 🚀 right ahead and fix it!)

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