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"Progressive Web-First Apps" by Dion Almaer

The business case for PWAs is interesting. They seem especially popular in emerging markets, where I presume users are more data-sensitive and tend to use budget phones.

@nolan one advantage I haven't heard being mentioned much yet about PWAs is how they give the user a lot more control over what the app can do, esp. related to privacy. I have a very capable phone, but if there's a PWA, I don't download the native app. I use the Brave browser so I can avoid spyware/adware and that's a big relief. Also, the web platform is the only one large enough that is not under control of a single entity, so I like to boost its ranks whenever possible.

Want to see an amazing line-up of web tech speakers (including our own @ada speaking about the immersive web) in London next weekend? Of course you do! Tickets are still available for State of the Browser put on by the unbelievably cool London Web Standards team.

Half the team is lost on a field somewhere near Milton Keynes. Reward offered for any proof of life.

Oh nice. pinafore lets me be logged into 2 mastodon instances at once.

I am a Mastodon administrator now! Unlimited power!!


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