Our new developer hub has launched 🛰️! Why not ⭐ it and take a look? It contains a 🌌 of blog posts and handy info. (And if your 🔭 spots anything anything out of the ordinary 👾, let us know, we'll 🚀 right ahead and fix it!)

@torgo Pixelbook, Chrome OS 69.0.3497.95 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

@torgo Interestingly, it loads the thumbnails in incognito mode after ~1 s but never within the normal session.

@ondra very strange and we can't reproduce. We'll keep working on it.

@torgo Works only with hard reload (Ctrl+Shift+R) when it loads webp images, disabling cache doesn't help. Next normal reload tries to display jpeg images from cache and I'm back to blurred images. Otherwise don't see anything wrong in the dev console. If there's something I can check for you, feel free to let me know.

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