I am a Mastodon administrator now! Unlimited power!!

@torgo a very cool!

If you set up a host-meta you can make the server "" but have your address be "AT torgo AT". That might be cleaner to put on business cards and marketing stuff.

@torgo here is how I did it on Pelican on my website. It is a static file, so it should be similar for you. I'm not sure how to do the Mastodon configuration as @hugo did that for me.

@ted @torgo you need to setup a Webfinger as described here:

Then you need to contact me about changing the settings on your install and we should be good.

Still, you shouldn't be making external follows or getting followers because that can get partially broken when changing to the webfinger situation. Mastodon doesn't play well with domain changes.

@torgo you are now an Emoji Bender, with the power to control emoji with your bare hands

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