Is any of my followers in domain , pm me if you have strong culture and already part of related , matters too

: For more details, Feel free to reach me at p.coval(a) , I'll pass you a direct link to apply to this , IMHO it's a rare ...

Show thread Note, IMHO, Knowing is probably a key skill for dev today ? If you don't check : A Grip On Git : A simple, visual Git tutorial by @vinnl

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Oh, hi.

I am not a follower of you but curious what is it about.

A job to work for floss ?

Any specific qualification requirement in Web other floss culture and ethnic matters.

Looking forward to hear from you


Off course following me is not a requirement @noorul feel free to comment with link of contribs , or anyone can suggest projects that would welcome new contributors, I can list some if needed position is still open for , if missing relevant contribs and/or still motivated you can try to improve this tiny lib @noorul

Thanks for the update.

I am more into non technical.

Like sales/marketing/promoting/social media marketing/

creativity work.

let me know if any thing available for that.


@noorul humm I think it's a tech job but promotion is part of the job I will double check this, stay tuned but it I want to be fair with you we have applicants already enrolled in oss/web communities so it will be hard for you if no tech bg

I've technical background. But i don't call me as pro in programming or admin roles.

I am better with non tech as these years that what I am doing.

But any way, it requires my skill-set let me know.

@rzr Feel free to review and report issues or suggestions about this super simple module (BTW, code is hosted on related team's github)

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