I’m looking for an accessible pattern for pagination where there will be a lot of pages.

I’m thinking a next and previous link with an ordered list of available pages. I think that might be a bit much for assistive tech though.

Any tips will be gladly received!


Hey! Just a quick reminder to:
• loosen your shoulders
• straighten your back
• look away from the screen for a moment
• make sure you've had enough to drink recently

Take care of yourself, ok? ☀️

Oh hello there fediverse - it's been a little while - hope y'all are having a nice Tuesday ✨ 😊 👩‍💻

@zyx opening the door is a "nope" rule in my household - just can't deal with other humans irl 😅

If you are interested in web accessibility, I wrote a thing to get you started out > goo.gl/Pv1Mgw comments/feedback/questions welcome 👍 ✨

Currently in Lyon at talking accessibility guidelines for the web - some really good discussion about the future of web accessibility happening✨ 🙌 👩‍💻

Just finished up the Campus Experts Summit at GitHub HQ - it's been such an incredible Journey being a Campus Expert / Rep / Field Expert for GitHub & I'm super proud to be a part of this wonderful bunch! Keep being awesome always ✨ 🙌 👩‍💻

Day 2 at - listening to the talks about GitHub Actions - I am super hyped for what is possible with this ✨

Having fun this week at - listening to new features (YASSS to GitHub Actions, Suggestions & Token scanning!) & catching up with the awesome folks at GitHub ✨ 🙌 😊 if you are here in SF let's connect!

Hacktoberfest with the Samsung Internet Team at the Microsoft Reactor is tonight! Super stoked to be running this community driven event to celebrate 🎃 😊 ✨ 🔮 👻

Suggestions for CWs for New Users 

Here are some everyday things you might not normally think to CW, but are encouraged to CW here:
-selfies, eye contact
-lewd/sexually suggestive
-mental health
-job stuff
-politics/current events
-anything that's popular and taking up oxygen (like big TV show finales)
-weed, drugs, alcohol

Please also mark +,-,~ for tone! As in, "food, +" for a post about you enjoying a nice dinner.

Ordering the 🍕 today for our night at the Microsoft Reactor London - there's still chance to sign up if you want to join us this Friday - ti.to/samsunginternet/hacktobe - it's gonna be spoopy 🎃 👻 🦇 🔮

Today I am writing about accessibility *new blog post coming soon* & I stumbled upon this super cute resource from the beeb: bbc.co.uk/accessibility/ ✨ 🙌 😊

Want to join in with Hacktoberfest? Not sure where to get started? We (@samsunginternet) are hosting a Hacktoberfest Hack Night at the Microsoft Reactor Space in London - it's gonna be spoopy! Come join us ti.to/samsunginternet/hacktobe … 🎃✨👩‍💻✨🎃

Suicidal thoughts & PMDD (about algorithms) from Twitter 

@peter I think it's good to be as explicit as possible when you put something behind a CW - Mental Health is very general so someone might click through & not be expecting discussion of suicide ✨ being this specific here is a good thing I think

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